Saudi Brinkmanship in Lebanon

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Saudi Arabia’s recent moves against Hezbollah and the Lebanese government could end up weakening its own allies and further destabilizing the Lebanese political arena.

Saudi Arabia Is Not “Sunni Central”

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Unlike what many Western pundits think, Saudi Arabia does not represent the "true" Sunni Islam. Even within the country, there are older traditions of Islam that are far more open and tolerant than the Kingdom's official Wahhabist sect.

Ending the Iranian-Saudi Cold War

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A diplomacy deficit between Iran and Saudi Arabia has exacerbated volatility across the Middle East. Ending the Iranian-Saudi cold war, and building a collective security framework for the Middle East is the only option likely to succeed.

Saud Al-Faisal: Statesman Diplomat

Saudi Arabia's longtime minister of foreign affairs, Prince Saud Al-Faisal passed away this Ramadan. He was among the kingdom's most influential men. A former Egyptian foreign minister reflects on the Arab statesman and diplomat.