Cairo Review No. 40

The Middle East:
Biden’s Burden or Backwater?

Cover by Mina Anton

Tahrir Forum

Q & A

Biden Bolstering Diplomacy

PART II: Director of the Boston Consortium for Arab Region Studies, Denis Sullivan, discusses U.S. President Joe Biden’s foreign policy plans in the Middle East.


Breaking the Historic Taboo

The only way for Israelis to escape perpetual deadlock is to shatter the taboo on inviting Non-Zionist parties into the government. Like Menachem Begin and the Sinai, Netanyahu may be the one to do it.

Messages to America

I look forward to a more positive U.S. posture in the world arena, however I also call on the international community to take initiatives toward reforming the international system. The matter isn’t an American issue or responsibility alone and should not be. It affects us all.


Book Reviews

Theater for All

How culturally inclusive theater that bears on both Western and Eastern experiences can produce citizens of the world and more global understanding.

In the Zone: The Long and Winding Road to Middle East Disarmament

As the international community grapples with the immediate challenge of Iran’s nuclear program, those in Washington and other capitals should consult Seyed Hossein Mousavian and Emad Kiyaei’s book and perhaps devise a more considered approach to rid the Middle East of the threat of mass destruction that continues to hang over the region.