Children and Family Terrorism

/ Global Forum

Recent bombings in Indonesia marked the first time that entire families, including children, were involved in violent Islamist attacks in Southeast Asia; A discussion on how people can fight back against this form of fundamentalist indoctrination.

Extremism Watch in Pakistan

/ Global Forum

A “National Action Plan” to combat terrorism is incomplete without the state confronting its own history of supporting radical Islamism.

Je Suis Charlie?

The Charlie Hebdo attack prompted an unprecedented collective response throughout France. Was it an admirable act of national solidarity in defense of press freedom or an outburst of xenophobia in a country that has lost its way?

Have the Terrorists Won in France?

/ Tahrir Forum

If grand values are no longer deemed crucial or even relevant to the French government in the name of fighting terrorism, then terrorism, for all intents and purposes, has already won.

Rule of Terror

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) proclaimed a caliphate in 2014. An in-depth report on how its militants are using severe brutality and radical interpretations of sharia law to govern a large civilian population.

The Problem with Radicalism

It is commonplace to associate violent extremism with Islam, but terrorist organizations from recent history show that radicalism is not explained by religion. The concept of relative deprivation is key to understanding the roots of terrorism.

Turning Somalia Around

The rise of the jihadist Al-Shabab group has compounded Somalia’s problems with internal warlords and regional rivalries. Will a new constitution and elections in 2016 finally bring hope to this “failed state?”