Pompeo’s “Real New Beginning”?

In a speech which may have policy implications for the Trump Administration’s Middle East policy, the United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lays out plans for the region at the American University in Cairo.

Are Egyptian Women Empowered?

Seven years after the Egyptian uprising, what have Egyptian women achieved and what challenges have they faced? A lot still needs to be done before they gain more political and social power.

Reflections of a Statesman

Amre Moussa is one of Egypt’s most widely respected diplomats and politicians. He speaks to Cairo Review Associate Editor Asmaa Abdallah about the way out of the Arab World’s crises, and the need for a political system in Egypt that reflects the “spirit of the twenty-first century.”

Plight of an Arab Intellectual

The oeuvre of Egyptian novelist Sonallah Ibrahim chronicles his country’s political dramas from the time of Gamal Abdel Nasser. He speaks to Cairo Review Contributing Editor Jonathan Guyer about the “beautiful generation” of the Tahrir Square revolution and how the military saved Egypt from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Art of War in Egypt

/ Tahrir Forum

Egypt’s massive military purchases to build its air power may be aimed at repressing an anticipated urban uprising that resembles Syria’s.

Egypt, Rebranded

The “Egypt The Future” economic development conference reaffirmed the primacy of the strongman in Egyptian politics. That may win the hearts and minds of some global capitalists, but will Tahrir Square revolutionaries buy it?

Egypt’s Ad Hoc Economy

/ Tahrir Forum

Grand projects, though moving quickly, are doing nothing to address the underlying structural problems plaguing Egypt’s economy.

A Day of Arab Despair and Radical Change

/ Tahrir Forum

Four very different events on the same day all confirm once again the hard consequences of the unsustainable policies that all Arab governments, without exception, pursued since the 1970s.