Cairo Review No. 23

Democracy Deficits

Tahrir Forum

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Q & A

Global Trouble

American philosopher Judith Butler discusses American vulgarity, Middle East upheaval, and other forms of the global crisis.


The Meaning of Trump

Donald Trump’s anti-establishment campaign confounded the Republican Party, foreign policy experts, and the news media. His mobilization of an angry electorate has reshaped the contours of American politics for years to come.

Barack Obama’s Presidency

Obamacare. The Wall Street bailout. Race relations. The Iran deal. The Arab upheavals. How will history judge the 44th American president? Much will depend on what happens after his successor takes office.

Unraveling in the Kremlin

Vladimir Putin intervened in Ukraine and Syria to mobilize domestic support for Russia’s decaying political system. But how long can the Kremlin survive on false images, fake agendas, and manufactured complexes?

Pakistan’s Democratic Opportunity

Amid a Taliban insurgency and discontent with government officials, Pakistanis remain strongly attached to free elections. But until politicians improve the standard of governance and the popular military recedes from politics, democracy will remain incomplete.

After the Paris Agreement

The international deal to combat global warming comes into force in 2016. For climate activists, it’s the beginning of a new stage in the struggle to hold nations accountable for their greenhouse emissions.


Book Reviews

Graves of Empire

New scholarship reveals how India’s part in World War II led to the end of the British Raj and reshaped South Asia.