Cairo Review No. 28

Middle East Energy Futures

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The New Age of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is moving from niche to mainstream markets. One of the clearest signs yet: the Middle East is embracing it. Can a transformation still in its infancy grow into a full-blown energy revolution?

Kirkuk’s Oil Chessboard

ISIS, the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Iraqi government, and numerous other regional and international players have all vied for control of Kirkuk’s oil. But the struggle to rule this commodity has become a political chess game stretching across northern Iraq and beyond.

Russia’s New Energy Gamble

Russia aims to position itself as a leader among energy-producing equals in Eurasia. Since 2015, Russia has sought to play a more active role in the Middle East, setting its sights on the region’s energy resources to achieve this strategic goal.

A New Kingdom of Saud?

Saudi Arabia is undergoing a massive transformation with all eyes set on the “Vision 2030” plan. How successful will the country be in reshaping its future?

The Widening Saudi–Iran Divide

The conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran marks a deepening division between regional powers and international hegemons in the Persian Gulf. The Saudis and Iranians have to learn to cooperate or risk further confrontation.

Creators Meet Censors

Since the 2011 uprising, the freedom and mood of Egyptian cinema and television have changed considerably. A story of the growing standoff between creators and censorship in post-2011 Egyptian drama.

India’s Teflon Man

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi may be a global pop star, but at home he
is struggling. Yet, despite many domestic challenges and crises, he has managed
to maintain his popularity in India.

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Reflections of a Statesman

Amre Moussa is one of Egypt’s most widely respected diplomats and politicians. He speaks to Cairo Review Associate Editor Asmaa Abdallah about the way out of the Arab World’s crises, and the need for a political system in Egypt that reflects the “spirit of the twenty-first century.”


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