The Day Before – with Raja Khalidi


There are too many unknowns about what happens to Gaza after the war ends. Instead, we should be focusing on the Day Before, and the ways to pave the road for a political settlement for the Palestinians, which includes rebuilding a Gazan economy that does not depend on Israel. Today’s episode of Podcast Palestine: The War on Gaza is with Raja Khalidi, economist and director general of the Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute.

Gaza Conflict Cascading Effects: The Rafah Question

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Egypt has described the latest suggestions by members of the Israeli Knesset for a “voluntary emigration” of Palestinians across the world as a “full-fledged war crime”. Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry lambasted the idea—endorsed by Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich—and said that Israel’s “deliberate targeting” of civilians is tantamount to a forced evacuation. 
The idea that Palestinians should find somewhere else to call home has resurfaced as Israel’s bombing of Gaza enters its sixth week,  » Read more about: Gaza Conflict Cascading Effects: The Rafah Question  »

Scouring for Meaning, and Hope, in the Rubble of Gaza


The latest war in Gaza has shocked the world by its sheer violence, and the potential to escalate into a full-blown regional conflict. Worst of all has been the international community’s deafening silence