Strategic Actors in Libya

/ Q & A

Political Scientist Lisa Anderson explores how the local players in the Libyan conflict affect the decision-making of states, both in North Africa and beyond.

The Truth about the Muslim Brotherhood

For the better part of two decades, a debate has raged in American research and policy circles about whether the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is a moderate political force. A study of the Brotherhood’s political Islam and its linkage to present-day terrorism.

The Great Brotherhood Divide

/ Tahrir Forum

Divisions within the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt deepen, creating greater confusion about the state of its affairs and threatening the group’s survival.

Failings of Political Islam

After the Arab Spring, the rise of Islamists stirred social polarization in many countries. The most potent Islamists today are the jihadists who have seized control of territory through extreme violence. Can political Islam be reconciled with secular modernity?