The Women of War

Hankir’s collection of portraits sheds light on the unique contribution of female Arab correspondents to their craft, including the integral role of their identity in giving voice to otherwise untellable stories from the Arab World

No One Is Safe

A first-hand account of reporting from the Palestinian Occupied Territories in the aftermath of Shireen Abu Akleh’s death.

Red Lines in Global Media

Whether in liberal democracies or across the Arab World, journalists today are struggling to navigate a difficult route amid government restrictions, ambiguous red lines, and non-state actors affecting how the media is run

Mustafa Amin’s Legacy Revived

Mustafa Amin was a touchstone for a generation of journalists who valued a freer and more truthful school of journalism. His recently donated private library offers a rare glimpse into his professional life. 

The Battle over Arab Public Space and Ideas

/ Tahrir Forum

One of the most significant battles taking place these days in the Arab region is about how wide or narrow is the public space available for citizens to express themselves and offer views that differ from or challenge the state.

Éric Rouleau, Ambassador of the World

/ Tahrir Forum

No other journalist was as influential in France or the rest of the world as Éric Rouleau. No one contributed to changing the Western vision of the complicated east, better yet, to making it understood, as much as he did.