Cairo Review No. 47

COP27: A Climate Tipping Point?

Tahrir Forum

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All Policy is Climate Policy 

Scholar and activist Jennie Stephens discusses the future of climate policy, emphasizing a “people-first” perspective and the need for larger societal structural transformation






Adaptation: Adjusting systems to the current or expected effects of climate change 
Adaptation gap: The gap between adaptation goals and the actual implementation of adaptation measures, which is often impacted by resource limitations and competing priorities 
Carbon sinks: Anything that absorbs carbon-containing chemical compounds from the atmosphere, including the ocean, soil, and forests 
Climate change: Long-term changes in temperature and weather patterns; since the 1800s, human activities such as burning fossil fuels have been the main contributors 
Climate isolationism: A technocratic approach to climate action that tends to focus on narrow policies with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and “fixing” the climate 
Climate justice: An approach to climate action that focuses on systems and policies that perpetuate the concentration of power and further extractive economic practices;  » Read more about: Glossary   »