Egypt, Rebranded

The “Egypt The Future” economic development conference reaffirmed the primacy of the strongman in Egyptian politics. That may win the hearts and minds of some global capitalists, but will Tahrir Square revolutionaries buy it?

On January 25, We Recall Beloved Egypt, and Ourselves

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January 25 is probably the most meaningful moment to recall the Arab uprisings of 2011, because it captures the dynamics within Egypt that ultimately shape sentiments and events across much of the Arab World. Egypt remains at once both iconic and foundational to the Arab World, in so many realms—politics, economy, culture, sports, religion, secularism, civil society, the role of the military, and, most importantly, citizen rights and the exercise of power in the public sphere.  » Read more about: On January 25, We Recall Beloved Egypt, and Ourselves  »

My Search for Tahrir Square

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Disillusionment with the January 25 revolution and what followed might be the first step towards a better, and more democratic, Egypt.