My Search for Tahrir Square

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Disillusionment with the January 25 revolution and what followed might be the first step towards a better, and more democratic, Egypt.

2011-2016: Arab Dashed Hopes, Opened Eyes

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Today as then, we have no idea how disgruntled citizens will transform their fears into political acts. But we probably do know that they will do this, so for stubborn Arab regimes, this is a much more dangerous citizenry than the one of 2011.

Egypt’s Leaderless Revolution

The January 25 Tahrir Square uprising raised high hopes for change after years of dictatorship. But the failure of revolutionaries to organize and unite doomed the prospects for democracy.

The Call of Pluralism

Defeating despotism is only one goal of the Second Arab Awakening. The region must also embrace political, cultural, and religious pluralism, good governance, the rule of law, and inclusive economic growth.