Cairo Review No. 33

Middle East Futures

Tahrir Forum


A Regional Order Contested

Extreme instability has prompted a fundamental reconfiguration of the contemporary Middle East; as the old order crumbles, a new one has yet to emerge 

Rule of the Rigid Compromiser

President Xi Jinping’s populist leadership of China, six years on, has been a lesson in the art of mixing strict policies with flexibility—alongside the ultimate goal of growing his own power and that of China 

Global Forum

Q & A

Getting Back on Keel

Egypt’s first Fulbright specialist from the United States since 2013 Thomas De Luca critiques the past and the future of national exceptionalism, political polarization, and erosion of democratic values both at home and abroad


The AI Guru

How Affectiva CEO and cofounder Rana el Kaliouby harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create social change

Book Reviews

Palestine Prevented

Historians should not look for the roots of Israeli state policies and Palestinian oppression in the events of 1967, but in colonial practices leading up to 1948